Digital Transformation

Sponsored Breakfast Briefings

Enterprise Events

Enterprise Events Ltd specialise in staging sponsored breakfast briefings, focused around digital transformation.

There's nothing more powerful or compelling than a senior executive, one of your customers, telling their story to a group of their counterparts. So for technology companies and software vendors with experience of helping clients deliver successful digital transformation initiatives, a hosted breakfast briefing provides a perfect content-led marketing and senior-level engagement opportunity.

Many senior executives struggle to take a day out to attend all-day events, though are quite happy to spend a few hours at the beginning of their day to attend an event focused around a specific interest. And for our sponsors, immersing themselves with a group of prospective new customers, all of whom have an interest in their proposition, provides a simply wonderful business development opportunity.

In order to purely attract those who have an interest in your proposition, breakfast briefings are focused around a case-study presented by one of your customers, i.e. a peer of the target attendees. And we use iconic venues that help to create a shared experience that no one forgets.

The key part of our service is our ability to generate a group of new prospective customers, for you to engage with at your breakfast briefing. So we promote your event to our own database of digital leaders, using our extensive contacts with those involved in back-office digital transformation, including HR, Finance and IT functions.

We also book the venue and caterers, register/liaise with attendees, manage everything onsite, conduct a post-event survey and pass on the feedback. So we absorb all the workload, leaving you free to focus on the quality of the content, so as to maximise the engagement/impact that you have with the attendees.

Our objective is to offer a genuine business development service, as opposed to simply a speculative marketing opportunity, such that clients choose to work with us on an ongoing basis.

“The calibre of delegates was impressive and it was great to be able to meet with individuals who were genuinely interested in the topic and open to finding a new/better solution. On the logistics side, everything was straightforward and stress-free, Enterprise Events delivered a high quality, successful event.”
Amy Finch, Marketing Manager, Emergenetics UK

“I was delighted with our sponsorship of our breakfast briefing. Very professionally put together with great dialogue and lively debate around culture transformation. Look forward to working with the team at Enterprise Events again.”
Cathy McAuley, Head of Marketing, Actus

“We were very pleased with the service - taking away all the time and effort that usually goes into marketing and organising such events. A good mix of senior attendees too. Thank you.”
Helen Eades, Head of Client Services, 3C Performance Management